Farewell Organic Reach

As we stated in an earlier article called “Data Greater than Followers”, we all must pay more attention to the assets that we own. Our website, blog, and email list. It’s important to build a real audience with contact information and build an old fashioned database. At the end of the day, usernames change, platforms go out of style and your page could even be shut down. A recent conversation with a client sparked me to conduct some research on social media reach with advertising. I found that many business posts on Facebook do not have the same reach as they once had.

Many people have speculated that it’s due to analytics. Well, you’re correct. In fact, representatives from Facebook have come out and said that there is zero organic reach and that it is now a media platform. If your business is planning to utilize Facebook for advertising, consider using paid advertising. Compared to other platforms, Facebook is a low cost resource considering you can adjust your marketing to be targeted.

Enough of the problem. Time for the SOLUTION:

It’s time we change our thinking from Facebook being an engagement tool to being an advertising platform. Take advantage of the advertising features and make your promotions distinct.

Example, if you’re an event planner, set your ads for people who have recently changed their relationship status to “Engaged” and/or started following jewelry companies and dress/tux businesses. Use your imagination and you can have a great return on investment. But the key is being willing to invest.

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