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Munkey Biz

We wanted to continue to make a statement. With hard, offsetting angles and occasional curves, we made a few creative user interfaces for their business.
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  • Design, Website, Instructional Design
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  • Tully Murray
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  • The Problem Their previous name, “Ellis Locksmiths” was not doing the job. They wanted to create a public image of fun. At first, we did as told and created a new logo for Ellis Locksmiths with a new font. But after hearing their goals, the request didn’t match. Ellis Locksmiths was in need of a new brand, not a logo.
  • Solution
  • Ink Solutions carefully thought of names that could easily transcend different mediums. Thus, the name “Munkey Biz” came to existence. From the word “key” to the term “monkey business,” the name itself was loaded with references. For the logo, we took a key hole shape and made it a monkey's face. Then we transformed a tie into a lowercase "i" and place it in the middle of "BiZ". These were a few thoughts that went into creating this logo.
In today's workplace, the old-fashioned, ``rule with an iron fist`` mentality is inefficient. Munkey Biz wanted to continue to encourage a fun atmosphere for it's workers. On top of it's laid back dress code of t-shirts and daily incentives, we created a fun gaming system for the new hires to learn company procedures while compete with coworkers.
We mean business!
Chris Ellis

I’m proud of my brand. Now, it’s a fun place. Ink Solutions changed our company’s culture.